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Sunshine Coast Storage Containers

Caboolture Containers sells and hires new and fully refurbished storage/shipping containers throughout the entire Sunshine Coast Region.

Container Hire

Our hire containers are new or fully refurbished. You can be assured that they are clean, watertight and vermin proof.

Containers for Sale

The containers we have for sale are fully refurbished and come in a choice of colours. Green, cream and brown are the most popular however; we can custom paint a container to suit your requirements.

Flexible Storage is the secret behind the success of our Containers. There are many different ways to use these containers and you are limited only by your imagination. Common uses for our Storage Containers include moving interstate and overseas, storing personal and household items and for business archiving and records management. These containers are pest and vermin proof and wind and weatherproof, ensuring the safe storage of goods.

Construction site sheds, mobile warehouses and workshops are more common uses. Try shops or housing! We can provide helpful advice about container options, depending on your budget and requirements.

Our range includes commercial and general use fully weatherproof-vermin proof and secure, in several sizes, all at very competitive prices.

At Caboolture Containers, we can also modify containers to suit your needs including; installing shelving, whirlybirds and even extra doors and windows. Feel free to contact us to see what else we can do.

Container Types

At Caboolture Container Hire & Sales, we supply different types of storage/shipping containers for both hire and sale. Standard 10 foot (10ft) containers and 20 foot (20ft) containers, insulated containers, dangerous goods containers and more. Some of our refurbished storage/shipping containers can be customised to suit your needs. We also offer drop off and pick up of any hire or purchased shipping container throughout the entire Sunshine Coast region.

Shipping containers can be used as a site office, storage shed, home office, teenager’s music room, massage room, kid’s chill out room and you can modified them with lots of extras. Contact Caboolture Containers today to learn more about our Sunshine Coast storage containers and how we can help you!

 Sunshine Coast Storage Containers
Sunshine Coast Shipping Containers