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Affordable Burpengary Shipping Container Hire

Burpengary Shipping Container HireThere are many great reasons to choose Burpengary Shipping container hire rather than any other storage option. Firstly, you get best price possible for the most space. Secondly, the company providing you with these shipping containers are Caboolture Containers, the premier shipping container hire company. Lastly, your storage unit can be on site where you need it, locked up and ready for the next day. No security problems, just great Burpengary shipping container hire.

You have the option of a 10 foot or 20 foot refurbished or brand new shipping container that is delivered straight to where it’s needed. No waiting for storage places to get back to you if they have space. No driving to storage to take things out. A shipping container that is delivered to you at a fraction of the cost than any other storage alternative. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

Containers for Hire

Transportation to and from Caboolture Containers yard to your requested location is included in the container hire fee. You will have all the storage you need where you need it and have access to it 24/7.

Caboolture Containers has a stack of options for you to choose from too. They supply different types of shipping containers for different needs:

  • standard 10 foot (10ft) containers
  • insulated containers
  • dangerous goods containers
  • 20 foot (20ft) containers and more…

All the containers are well maintained. This means that the seals work, the doors move and swing well. So you will have no issue with the structural integrity of these containers. Unlike other shipping container companies, Caboolture Containers owns their own transportation business, DVT Trucking. Hire through the company that can do it all in-house. What more could you ask for?

Contact Caboolture Containers for the best shipping containers deals and specials.